About ESMS and how to become a member

About ESMS

The European Society for Micrographic Surgery is a group of European-based dermatologists dedicated to setting and maintaining professional standards in micrographic surgery for skin cancer, particularly the Mohs technique. There are various forms of micrographic surgery but Mohs surgery is proven to be the most effective and advanced treatment for skin cancer today. It offers the highest potential for cure - even if the skin cancer has previously been treated by another method.

The ESMS is a Sister Society of the EADV, its scientific programme has been incorporated at the EADV-meetings.

Today the ESMS has members from over 25 European Countries and beyond.

Become a member

Membership of the ESMS is open to everyone who is either actively working within the field of micrographic surgery or who, for other reasons, has an interest in the field. There are three different membership categories: Certified member, Associate member and Lab Technician member.

Certified member: All specialists in Dermatology actively performing micrographic surgery according to the standards set by the association are eligible to become certified members. Find more information about the criteria on the ESMS website.

Associate member: Physicians with an interest in micrographic surgery can become associate members.

Lab Technician member: Lab technicians who already perform frozen Mohs sections or have an interest in performing frozen Mohs sections are welcome to become LT member.

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