ESMS Lab Technicians Day - April 9, 2022 (postponed from November 27, 2021)

Course language
The course will be held in English.


MohsA Eindhoven
Winston Churchilllaan 85
5623 KW Eindhoven
The Netherlands

There is a parking garage under the building. The direction is vallen De Grijze Generaal. The entrance is in the Generaal Bradley street.
Price: 5 euros per day.

How to get there
Eindhoven Airport is only located around 9 km from the course venue.
The easiest route from Eindhoven Airport is to drive 2 stops with bus no. 400 towards Eindhoven Station. Get off at Eindhoven, WoensXL/ZH Catharina and walk 450 m to the venue.